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Friday, January 28, 2005

The Odyssey--Perplexing

As I make my way through Kahala and prepare myself for the return trip around Diamond Head and the final 2 miles of this journey, I am struggling a bit physically and a lot mentally. I actually had to pull over to the side of the road at one point to stretch my quadriceps thinking that would relieve some of my pain. (It didn't.)

You might be wondering, "Geez, did this woman actually train for this event? Why was she so unprepared?"

But that's the perplexing thing--I did train. In fact, less than a month before the marathon, I ran 24 miles without the benefit of aid stations and cheering sections and I felt fine. I was barely sore the next day!

And because I had so carefully carbo-loaded, I wasn't bonking as I had done on my 22 mile training run back in October. I had enough fuel in my body.

I really do blame that descent on the backside of Diamond Head. In the pale grey light just before dawn, it looked deceptively shallow. And now I was paying for it.

And here was Diamond Head Road once more, looming in the distance. It wasn't going uphill that I feared, but heading down really worried me. At least I had the consolation of knowing that, once at the bottom, the finish line would only be a mile away.


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