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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Odyssey--Mile 18

After cruising past the Mile 13 marker on the Kalanianaole Highway, I was feeling pretty optimistic. My half marathon time was 2:04 and I thought, "Wow, I can do it! The start was so slow that if I pick up my pace a little bit, I'm sure I can make up the 4 minutes and come in under 4 hours." Haha, how naive and hopeful I was! I had no idea the toll that Diamond Head, miles behind me, would take before the finish.

At the turn around point, I started to feel quads. Just a little tight at first and then actual pain as I began the return trip towards Honolulu against a slight headwind. Tip sheets had advised against taking the run down Diamond Head road too quickly and I thought I had played it conservatively. But by Mile 18 I was having serious doubts about even finishing. The pounding that my legs took on the way downhill had done it's damage and the end was no where in sight. I had to stop looking at the faces of the runners going in the opposite direction towards Hawaii Kai because so many of them revealed the pain and dismay that I was feeling inside. Thank goodness I had my mp3 player to console me with soothing tunes, picked to keep me calm.

Still with more than 8 miles left to go and a reunion with Diamond Head looming ahead of me, my giddy dreams of running a sub-4 marathon flew out the window.

Please, I prayed, let me finish.


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