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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Odyssey--Mile 1

We were running, but barely. The street was so densely packed with runners and walkers that I had difficulty maneuvering through the crowd. Somehow, even though we were supposed to line up according to our projected total marathon time (ie-less than 3 hours, 3-4, etc.) there were people who had lined up near the front who were clearly not elite runners. Some of them were even walking half a mile into it! These walkers would create a log jam of bodies and often I had to slow to a walk myself to keep from crashing into someone else.

Pretty chaotic but no time to panic and no use wasting energy getting annoyed.

I did enjoy running through the normally hustling city streets of downtown Honolulu with not a car in sight. And massive amount of the Christmas lights glowed from every building as if to light our way.


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